If you don’t know the signs when to have your carpet replaced, then this article is for you. Sunderland Carpet Cleaners is a carpet cleaning service provider that’s willing to help countless clients to get the perfect carpet that they can utilize in their houses. As you choose whether to change your carpet, you have to think about its matting, mold, stains, and especially age. To know more about these signs, keep on reading this article.  

You dislike the pattern or color 

A flooring store will provide different types of carpet colors so that it can be matched with the interior design of your house. If you’re not fond of the color or pattern of the carpet that the previous owner had, never hesitate to have it replaced.  

Bad odor 

If your carpet has a bad odor, this could indicate that pet stains or mold have seeped underneath your carpet. When a deep cleaning carpet still can’t remove the odor, you should reach out to your trusted carpet company to get a carpet replacement.  

Mildew and mold 

Molds thrive in dark and moist spots, such as in your basement carpet. When your basement has just been flooded, the chances of keeping your carpet will be reliable on the water damage’s scope. For instance, wet padding below your carpet must be changed if the water damage is very severe.  

This kind of water that floods your house can also help in identifying if your carpet can be repaired.  The freshwater from a sink is totally not the same with a sewage backup. If contaminated water floods your basement, then it would be best to get a new carpet installation after it has been cleaned and dried out. 


If you are one of those homeowners that moves furniture to conceal stains, this tip is for you. If this is your case, then you need to think about replacing your carpet now. If you own a carpeted floor, it’s vital to remove stains right after it stained your carpet. The longer you leave it on, the more time the liquids will absorb into the fibers of your carpet, which can result in staining its padding below.  


Eventually, foot traffic and heavy furniture will matt down your carpet. An example of this is when your couch’s legs might’ve made impressions on the carpet of your living room already. Though other impressions could be fixed with a professional cleaning or carpet rake, some only make permanent floor dents.  When you try moving out all of your furniture, you’ll see how your carpet is matted in the ways you and your family pace daily. 

Old age 

Basically, you can anticipate that your home carpet will last for about 5-15 years. How long your carpet will serve you will significantly rely on its padding, quality, and if it was set up in an area with high traffic. For instance, bedroom carpets usually last longer since it has less foot traffic compared to entryways and hallways.